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Travel Advice


Entry Requirements

Citizens of the United Kingdom, full members of the European Union & the Commonwealth, do not require a visa to enter the country; whether on holiday or on a business trip not exceeding 90 days.


All other nationalities should possess a visa, which is available from any of the Gambian embassies and consulates: London, Paris, Washington DC, Brussels, Taipei, Rabat, Jeddah, Havana, Dakar, Lagos, Freetown and Guinea Bissau.


Note: tourists and others traveling on last minute bookings will be allowed entry but will be required to submit their passport to the Department of Immigration in Banjul within 48 hours to be issued a proper visa

Health Requirements

An International Certificate of Vaccination is no longer compulsory for visitors to The Gambia. However, a yellow fever vaccination will be required for visitors arriving from infected areas. The last outbreak of yellow fever in The Gambia was in 1978 and there is no immediate danger to visitors. Although at Nemsau we are not bothered by mosquitos except in the rainy season, malaria medicine is recommended and visitors should consult their doctors on which pills to take.

Visitors are also advised to bring along insect repellents & sunscreens.  These may be available for purchase at Nemasu, but are expensive or unobtainable in certain parts of the country. There are several hospitals and clinics operated by the Government as well as by private practitioners which provide both therapeutic and preventative health.


Internet is usually available at Nemasu (for a small fee).  Elsewhere, in urban Gambia, small internet stores are available; connection speeds are somewhat slow.  In rural Gambia, there may be no internet at all.

What to bring


• Make sure you bring sufficient cash: you can pay in foreign currency at Nemasu. Changing money is easy in larger towns- or we can change for you. Credit cards are not widely accepted, except in resort hotels.

• There are ATM's in the larger towns- but they're not always reliable.


A camera is a must: if you still use film, bring plenty.  Don't expect to easily buy memory cards, drives or accessories.



Summer (July - October) is hot and wet: bring an umbrella!


Winter (November - June) is mild & dry; shorts, t-shirt, sandals, sun hat, hiking boots are the norm. Also bring:

• A light sweater / jacket for occasional cooler weather.

• Long, light pants & shirt for the occasional mosquito / sun protection.

• Although a swimsuit is perfect for the beach at Nemasu, out of respect, when visiting the holy rocks and the fishing village, it is advisable to wear suitable clothing (i.e. shorts and t-shirts).



a small first aid kit, (cypro, doxycyclene, pain killer, ibuprofene), sunglasses, video camera, pocket knife, water bottle, ear plugs (for Senegambia).

Gifts / Tips

Gambian people are generally very generous & kind; however, poverty is real & widespread, and some people will do you favors (like help you with directions), hoping for a tip.  You're not obliged to give anything, but I encourage you to be kind & generous; notice there is very little begging, and very little crime in the country.  If someone spends a minute or two, I would not usually tip.  Five or more minutes- maybe offer money for a drink; an hour maybe a dollar or 2.  Also, think about bringing your unused clothes, shoes, books;- even pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, or band aids and antibiotic ointment.  It's amazing what we, from the first world, can do without (or even throw away)- so please consider that one third of Gambian people survive on less than $1.50 per day.  Spend freely- it's a very affordable country!



Please do not use electrical appliances such as travel irons, water heaters, curling tongs etc, at Nemasu. We are an eco friendly establishment running from solar power, if you use these appliances it may disrupt our electric supply. You are welcome to use the sockets provided to charge phones, laptops etc.  Bring a plug adapter.