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Once we've satisfied your spirit with our beach, forest, and comfortable accommodation, it's time to look after your body. Our restaurant & beach bar will provide not only clean, organic food; it'll be delicious!


Our menu is a blend of international cuisine and Gambian local dishes, all at affordable prices. Most of the products used in the preparation of our meals are from our own organic garden or from nearby gardens.


As you enter the restaurant, first you'll notice the stunning view of the beach & ocean. Our staff will welcome you with a warm smile and greeting; if this is not your first time, they'll most likely know your name.


This is what gives Nemasu its homely feel:- dining out here is like being in your own dining room. The only difference is that you don't have to serve yourself or do any cleaning up, and you have the best view in The Gambia!


Great food, cocktails & beverages (not to mention wonderful service) are not the only things that we offer.  There is regular live music; different activities, and frequent bonfire nights (with plenty of drumming & music as well) & other surprises!  




fishSeafood is, of course, our specialty. We select the best fish everyday, so that you know what you're eating is fresh and healthy. A fresh butterfish, ladyfish or even barracuda, grilled with your choice of spices, is simple but wonderful. We also have lobster, calamari and other seafood in season.


benechinThe Gambian dishes are often a great surprise. By West African standards, Gambian food is a veritable culinary paradise. Our Benechin- carefully arranged small cubes of fish, stuffed with parsley & garlic, accompanied by carrots, cassava & other vegetables, served on a bed of rice, will make your mouth water. Our chicken, fish & beef yassa is marinated in an onion & lemon sauce: yummy! Domoda is fish or meat in a spicy peanut sauce.


Vegetarian dishes, pastas, snacks such as guacamole (in season), garlic bread in our own mud oven, fresh chips, panninis, tapas, soups, and of course great desserts, round out a varied menu.

For those who are more interested in the liquid side of life, we have a restaurant bar and also our fantastic  beach bar only meters from the water.  Sit back in your beach lounge, or hang by the bar and enjoy a cocktail, cold beer or refreshing beverage, or relax with some tapas or other snack.  Watch the sunset and let your cares slip away!

Here's whats currently on our specials board:


Choose a starter and main course for only d500

MONDAY STARTER -Bruschetta d200

-Vegetable pies d200

MAIN -Soul Fish stuffed with shrimp & tomato d400

-Meat or vegetable stuffed aubergine, d350

topped with cheese

TUESDAY STARTER -West African Bean & vegetable soup d200

-Mushroom & potato croquettes d200

MAIN -Calamari sauteed in garlic & lime d400

-Nemasu Lentil Burgers d300

WEDNESDAY EVE  d500 Buffet: fresh fish, chicken, salads, chips & rice

THURSDAY STARTER -Savory seafood roll d250

-Acara: mashed beans with spices, fried d200

and served with bread and chilli sauce

MAIN -Pizza- seafood, chicken, margarita, plain d350

-Plaasa leaf sauteed with your choice of d350

chicken, beef or fish, with rice or chips

FRIDAY STARTER -Spring rolls: meat or vegetarian d250

-Gambian Eggs: poached eggs d200

topped with vegetables and spices

MAIN -Nyangatan- traditional African dish of d350

smoked fish lightly spiced in a rice pilaf

-Nyambe Nyebe- local beans and casava d350

with tomato, garlic, chilli


SATURDAY STARTER -Cow foot soup d250

-Minced herring, spiced and fried, d250

served with sweet chilli sauce

MAIN -Meat or aubergine Lasagna d400

-Bean and lettuce savoury crepes d300

SUNDAY EVE  d500 Buffet: fresh fish, chicken, salads, chips & rice