Hotel Nemasu
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Things to do


Imagine yourself walking down from your beautifully clean & comfortable palapa, just footsteps from a pristine, white sandy beach, past coconut trees & birds singing from the mango tree; your favorite cocktail and good book by your lounge chair. That's the kind of activity you may mostly enjoy!

If you have more energy or an adventurous spirit, there are many activities to keep you busy for weeks.

Our massage room...

Tours & Activities

All of our tours include a professional local guide and transport.

We do not include lunch or entrance fees to different attractions.

•Gambia to Senegal Bird Safari D3500 for 2; 4000 for 4

We begin from Nemasu at 8am and head by bike or car (your choice) through the forest, a 30 minute ride to the Jolla tribal village of Berending on the Halahin River that separates Gambia from Senegal. Here we are picked up by local motorboat, and cruise 30 minutes past mangroves and forests, viewing many birds, and perhaps crocodiles and monkeys, on the way to the Senegal side of the river. We dock the boat at a small restaurant in a pretty inlet close to the beach, and ride 10 minutes through old rice fields to the ancient village of Nyafurang, where there are some incredible ancient silk cotton trees, as well as welcoming villagers. We spend a little time looking around, and then ride back to the restaurant for lunch and/or a cold drink (bring some spending money ;-) . We take the boat to Kartong, and ride back, stopping at the Lemon Tree Art Gallery, and if you like, the Reptile Farm. We get back to Nemasu at around 3pm.

•Gambia City and Market Tour D4000 up to 4 people

Leaving at around 9am, we drive 30 minutes to the second biggest town in Gambia- Brikama. We spend time browsing the busy, bustling alleys of the Brikama local market. Afterwards we visit the Brikama Craft Market. From here we head to the Abuko nature reserve for a walk amongst the trees and monkeys. Then on to Serekunda Market- the biggest in Gambia. On tothe sacred Katchikelli Crocodile Ponds, the Tanji Fishing Village, and back to Nemasu for sunset.


•West African Cooking D750pp

Join Fatou, our Gambian neighbour, to plan a traditional west african meal. Go to the local market and do the shopping. Come home and cook over the fire, learning a little about life in the village. Eat your wonderful meal and make your way back.

•Palm Tapper Jungle Visit D350PP

Walk down the beach and into the world of the Palm Tapper. This person, from a very old tribe, taps the juice of the palm tree to make palm wine. It’s an unusual, interesting experience into a different way of life. Try the wine and see how he works.

•Reptile Farm and Art Gallery D1500 up to 4 people

Drive to the reptile farm / hospital, just 10 minutes away, and be introduced to the local snakes and other reptiles. Drive further and have a drink at the Halahin River where locals take the dugout canoe to Senegal. Come back past the Lemon Fish Art Gallery, and back to Nemasu.

•Sunset bird safari D500 for group

Walk with our knowledgeable guide through the woods to view Gambias famous birds and possibly crocodiles & monkeys

•Senegambia Night Life Tour D3500 up to 4

Leave after dinner for the Senegambia tourist strip. Our guide will accompany you to some of the colorful and fun bars, restaurants and nightclubs of Senegambia. You can return whenever you’re ready!

•Fishing Village   d500 for group

Go with our guide to the nearby fishing village, to view the boats coming in and going out, and meet some of the local characters. This can be done alone, but with our guide, it will be a

less stressful experience, and he can guide you through lesser known places like the fish smoking & drying house,

•Womens Vegetable Garden d500 for group

See what the local women’s group has come up with, to support their family, and help grow healthy vegetables

•Fathala Safari Park, Senegal ask for price

A long day across the river Gambia , picking our private car in Senegal, and driving to the closest wildlife safari park to Gambia. See Rhino, Giraffe, Antelope, Onyx and other animals


•Help at the local school;

•Borrow our body boards and try body surfing on the beach;

•we have beach toys including a frisbee to play on the beach;

•rent our bikes D500 full day D300 half day;

•Stroll down the beach to the Mosque and further to the fishing village; support the local entrepreneurs like shakespeare to the south, and lamin to the north, by buying a juice

•Walk through the small streets of Madina Salam, right next to Nemasu.

•Walk through the woods to various attractions, like giant old baobab trees, neighboring villages, lodges