Hotel Nemasu
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to travel in Gambia, and is it safe at Nemasu?

There is virtually no crime at Nemasu; we have 24hr security, and we are off the beaten path, in a very peaceful part of the country. Having said that- it's always a good idea to keep valuables in a safe place & be vigilant in general. You should not take valuables or large sums of money to the beach or display them in public. Visitors, both male and female, should be particularly cautious of young men locally known as 'bumsters' who approach tourists, particularly on beaches, offering unsolicited help. Bumsters often use romance in the hope of gaining money or other assistance. We advise you be polite but firm in declining unwanted help or attempts at conversation. This is particularly common in Senegambia.

Are there snakes around?

Snakes exist in the area, but are not very common; there's no need to be concerned.


Are the mosquitos bad?

Mosquitos are common in the rainy season (July - November) and not very common in the dry season; from December to June, they're not frequent. Having said that, malaria is common in the Gambia, so it's strongly recommended to take malaria pills.

Is the water & the food safe?

We serve only purified water, and wash our food in this same clean water. Our kitchen staff adhere to consistently high levels of cleanliness; you have no need to worry.

Do I need to tip?

Tipping is not necessary, but appreciated; if you feel you have had good service, a tip up to 10% is normal.

How early should I make a reservation?

The busy season is generally December through April; early reservations will avoid any disappointment. A deposit of 25% is required to hold a reservation; depsoits can be paid through PayPal to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


What can I bring to help?

Gambia is one of the poorest nations on earth; the divide between what Gambians have, and what westerners have, is enormous. We understand that you have limits on baggage allowance, but here's a list of items that are particularly appreciated- and remember, it doesn't matter how old or ugly they are- it's all put to good use, and we try to distribute things to the most needy.

-old phones & computers

-clothes & shoes

-tools, including power tools

-medicines, bandages, etc

-books for our library & pens

-just about anything else :-)

Can I change money / how should I pay?

We prefer you pay us in any cash currency. There is a 5% charge for credit card or Paypal, as we have to travel out of the country to get it. We can change money for you the official rate, less 1%. There are ATM's in the city- about 45 minutes away. We ask that you pay for your accommodation on arrival, and we keep a tab for your food, drink & tours, that you can pay daily or at the end of your stay.

How do I get around / do I need to rent a car?

There are no major car rental companies, and renting a car is expensive, and driving is dangerous. We have several cars to taxi you around. They are properly insured, safe, clean, comfortable, with trained drivers and usually Air Conditioned.

Typical prices include (each way):

•Airport d1500

•Senegambia d1250

•Brikama d500

•Kartong d300

•Gunjur d150


Do you have electricity in the rooms?

We are an eco-lodge, and our electricity comes from the sun only. We have light 24hrs throughout the lodge including the rooms. We don't have outlets in the rooms, but devices can be charged at the bar during daylight hours (9-4). Please don't bring appliances that take a large current to operate.


Do you have electricity in the rooms?

We have wi-fi available throughout the Lodge. It is very fast for Gambian standards, but slow for 1st world standards. It is great for sending/receiving emails, getting news. even skype- but don't stream movies / and try to upload photos when you return.